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As Global Study Korea is the only Korean study abroad agency to join the KAIE (Korean Association of International Educators), along with cooperating with the International Office of 131 universities in South Korea and participates in the International Office Admissions Consultation Seminar every year, we can provide the latest education information quickly, as well as have the largest and most complete information on universities in Korea.

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Global Study Korea

Korean university admissions

Signed a partnership agreement with 22 universities to increase acceptance rates

Foreign interns

Reached cooperation with 10 Korean companies and can send international students from around the world to Korean companies for internships

Short-term project participants
People admitted to Korean Language Institute
Occupants in long-term dormitories
Online course participants

We create a unique action plan for study in Korea

Global Study Korea, a subsidiary of Global E&S, has joined the KAIE (Korean Association of International Educators), along with cooperating with the International Office of 131 universities in Korea, and is the only study abroad service company for Chinese students that has joined the association.

Study Abroad in Korea

For foreign students around the world, we provide consultation for further studies with partnered universities. Global E&S provides financial aid to students through a scholarship system. In the future, the 1+3 model will be used to increase the enrollment rate.

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Global Intern

To help outstanding talents from all over the world and to further improve their professional ability and build a positive international image, Global E&S has launched a short-term internship program. Up to now, the company has reached agreements with 12 companies, and more 150 interns have been successfully matched. To equip interns with basic Korean communication skills, Global E&S will also conduct pre-internship Korean training.

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The Korean regular course (Rainbow) consists of 147 courses in 7 stages, includes teaching the Korean alphabet and grammar. In terms of the TOPIK courses, the company has reached a business agreement with HANIJEMI to prepare for the TOPIK intermediate and advanced exams by analyzing previous TOPIK exam questions. In addition, we increase interest of the Korean language through interesting short videos and other forms of media.

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Global Study Korea

All-round consultation for studying in Korea

  • Free consultation
  • 100% acceptance of recommended university
  • Have a close cooperation relationship with 22 partnered university
  • Through diverse activities, start your career in Korea
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yi yalin
From UK Chinese Student

With Global E&S I had the most amazing experience of 8 weeks. I was able to work on different aspects of the project and had responsibilities which helped me grow and develop beyond the classrooms

Myriam A

I really enjoyed the class given by the professor! Although I had already studied the material before, it was a nice review. I was able to understand the points which I found very difficult before. Thank you for providing the necessary support.

Audrey F.

Great stay and excellent service for students. The price is very competitive. The building is nice and located centrally. Global E&S replies quickly and everything runs smoothly. The staff at the hotel are all really helpful and nice. I would recommend it strongly.

Evan P.
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